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Benefits and Risks of Preventive Maintenance

It is generally accepted that preventive maintenance can save money by reducing the costs of corrective maintenance and associated equipment down time losses. However, it is important to note that preventive maintenance does come with some of it's own risks. Equipment failure and human error while performing preventive maintenance can lead to increased down time and costs.

One great way to help avoid these problems is by implementing proper standard operating procedures and having detailed step by step instructions for your entire preventive maintenance program. Procedures including replacement part numbers, tools required and specific allowable tolerances will expedite the work being done and ensure it is done properly every time.

Need help with your preventive maintenance program?

ASPs Save You Time & Money

Application Service Providers (ASPs) provide software systems as a web based subscription service. Not only do they eliminate the technical headaches encountered when implementing a new system, but they can save an enormous amount of time and money. Money is saved by not having to install or maintain expensive new hardware or software. Time is saved by not having to test software compatibility with current and future operating system upgrades. ASPs also eliminate the need to have your own technical support personnel to maintain a cutting edge system. ASPs will do all the routine system maintenance such as data backups and installing operating system and database security patches. Many times product upgrades are also done automatically. One final benefit is that because the system is on the internet, customers can access it from any location and interact with people anywhere in the world. So if you want to achieve the quickest return on investment and have a world class system, be sure to take a look at ASPs.

Receive Service Requests Through the Web

Are you still answering the phone when customers need your services? Is anyone even there to answer their call? eWorkOrders allows your customers to create service requests 24 hours a day/7 days a week without ever picking up the phone. The easy to use service request form ensures that customers provide all the information necessary to complete a request and that the appropriate people are notified whenever a service request is made. Customers can even go online to check the status of their requests. This will save you and your customers time by keeping everyone off the phone and out of voice mail. It will also eliminate the need for you to do data entry to track and report on service requests.

How can eWorkOrders help you?

Find out how eWorkOrders can save you time and money managing your service requests, work orders, preventive maintenance, assets, employees and documentation?

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