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Is a Web Based CMMS
Right For You?

Deciding whether or not to invest your time and money to improve your business processes can seem like a difficult decision. So let's take a look at your situation and see if it makes sense for you. Do you spend your time on any of the following:
 Taking service requests over the phone, fax, email or in person
 Organizing schedules of work to be done
 Planning preventive maintenance or regularly occurring tasks
 Tracking assets: location, work history, value, replacement parts, warranty info, electronic manuals
 Managing employees: workload, performance, payroll time
 Billing for services: invoicing, feeding data to accounting
 Preparing reports on any of the above items or for government reporting
 Looking for building drawings

If you answered yes to any of the above items, then a CMMS system could definitely help you. Now ask yourself the following questions:
 Would you benefit from a centralized repository of asset and maintenance information?
 Are some of your customers or people you need to collaborate with outside your computer network?
 Do you have an IT department? Is IT department responsive to your needs?
 Does your organization have a solid IT infrastructure?
 Does your organization have the skills to maintain a high level system? (test facility, backup procedures, database administrator,..)
 Do you have money for new servers and are you prepared to upgrade and maintain them against breakdowns & ever changing security threats?

As you can probably see already, if you don't have an IT department you can still have a world-class system. Even if you have a great IT department, it may make sense to have your system on the Internet where outside contractors, your customers and even you and other employees can access the system when not at work.

If you are ready to improve your business processes or just want to find out more about it

Warranty Tracking &
Getting Free Manufacturer's Repairs

Having easy access to product warranty information is an easy way to help you save time and money. A good asset management system will allow you to track not only the dates of warranty coverage for each of your assets but also the appropriate contact information for warranty repair and a history of repairs. Your system should also identify repeated problems with the same type of equipment installed in different locations to make a case for manufacturer coverage even after the warranty may have expired. One of our customers was regularly replacing fluorescent light bulbs throughout several of their office buildings. Using eWorkOrders they were able to demonstrate an unusually high replacement rate for the light bulbs and the manufacturer was forced to concede that there was a problem with all of the ballasts. In this case the manufacturer replaced all of the ballasts and light bulbs for free in what otherwise would have been an extremely expensive relamping project for two buildings only a couple of years old.

Get the Information You Need Fast!

Important deadlines loom overhead. Can you get the information you need right away? A good CMMS will easily allow you report your information in format you need with the click of a mouse. Show your customers what work has been done for them and how much they owe. Let your boss see how your time is spent. Show the repair history of an asset, who worked on it and what it cost. Tell your employees how much vacation time they have left and what days they took already. A good time management system can even tell you how much overtime an employee refused when he complains that his coworkers got more overtime than him. Built in query tools with the ability to drill down into the details are just as important as easy to use reports. Moving from paper-based systems or older systems that lack these abilities to a state of the art CMMS can put this power at your fingertips, saving you time and money and eliminating clutter.

Make Your Job Easier NOW!

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Still not convinced? Ask for a brief, personalized demo to see how easily eWorkOrders can save you time and money managing your service requests, work orders, preventive maintenance, assets, employees and documentation.

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